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Being joyful

How do we stay centered when things seem to fall apart? How do we find joy in the midst of transition?

The past couple weeks have unfolded in unexpected ways, my child escalating in self injurious and aggressive behaviors and then my partner moving out this morning. Transitions can be difficult even if we know it’s for “our own good”. Trusting the Universe has a plan and being wise to stay in the flow, breathe and be grateful. Through pain we know that all of life is fleeting. The joy also is fleeting, there just isn’t anything to hold onto. Less holding and more witnessing might be helpful as Buddhists might suggest.

What story do we tell ourselves to make us momentarily feel better? Or can we just lean into the feelings and be okay with just that? They are only feelings which inevitably come and go.

The urge to change everything up is strong. It is my “go to” response when confronted with difficulty. Pausing is healthy, reflecting but not focusing too much on the past. Tired for now since emerging from a night of elusive sleep.